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Even though some studies show that school uniform’s adoption improves students’ performance, school uniform should not be adopted at schools because it limits students’ individuality, it is a burden for low-income families, and it restricts students’ physical activity.

Whereas some studies show that school uniform’s adoption improves students’ performance, school uniform should not be adopted at schools given that it limits students’ individuality, it is a burden for low-income families, and it restricts students’ physical activity.

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Steps to Find a Thesis Statement

To locate a thesis statement in an already written work, you'll typically need to go to the end of the introduction. A rule of thumb is to place a thesis as the final sentence of the first paragraph, which is a natural transition from a context-setting intro to the subject matter.

But why is it so important to locate a thesis, you might ask? This single sentence plays a big role in any academic work. Its functions are:

  • Communicating the main idea of the paper. Whether you're writing a small essay or a lengthy dissertation, a thesis statement will wrap up the central message in a clear, readable manner.

Example: School uniform should be banned because it deprives students of diversity and fails to address students' socio-economic disparities.

  • Limiting the content's scope. By looking at the thesis statement, you can get an idea of exactly what the text will be about. Let's analyze the thesis statement provided above. We'll see that the discussion relates to the cons of school uniforms, student diversity, and strategies to address different socio-economic statuses of students.
  • Voicing the author's standpoint. The best thesis statement for an argumentative essay should offer a debatable topic. So, here we see a debatable issue – the pros and cons of urging students to wear a uniform.
  • Laying out the evidential support for the author's standpoint. It's vital to outline the main arguments you'll use to argue your stand on the chosen subject. In the example we're analyzing, the subject is school uniforms, and the arguments cover the infringement on student diversity right and ineffectively addressing socio-economic differences.

Locating Explicit and Implicit Thesis Statements

Practice shows that sometimes you will need to go at length to locate a thesis statement. Some authors don't state their intention boldly, implying their central message instead. This type of thesis statement is called implicit, unlike the traditional, explicit thesis statement type.

  • Explicit thesis statements are easy to find. They're directly formulated and located at the end of the introduction.
  • Implicit thesis statements are harder to locate. But you can spot the main idea by reading the whole text, extracting its theme, and synthesizing the main idea from topic sentences.